About Competitive Skateboarding
Skateboarding has become a popular activity loved by over fifty million people in eighty countries throughout the world and since officially becoming a new sport of the Tokyo Summer Olympics, it has now become a major focus of public attention.

Skateboarding, said to have started in California in the 1940s by surfers who wanted to practice on land when there were no waves, is split into two categories for the competition: Park, a complex course made up of bowls, pools and quarter pipes; and Street, a course modeled after urban landscape featuring stairs, curbs, slopes and railings.
Both categories are judged by the total score of difficulty, execution, the overall routine, speed and originality. Some of the tricks to look for during Park competitions are acrobatic spins and tricks done while catching air at high speeds. In the Street competitions, expect to see difficult tricks that require balance and control, like flipping the board while jumping over railings or down stairs.
SKATE ARK Background
Yes, the pastime activity has become an official sport of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, gaining limelight for its big stage appearance. Meanwhile, however, there are still plenty of skaters who strongly believe that the elements that make skating so cool and alluring cannot be contained to just competitions and prefer to hone their own original style through things like video production, etc.
In a scene whose essence as a culture is still strongly rooted, with many who insist that there is no need to decide who the best rider is at contests, the reality is that most of the contenders at recent contests here in Japan are adolescent riders who seek the competitive side, and that adult and mature riders rarely attend.
On the other hand, if we take a look abroad to the West, we see the development of honor and reputation centered contests like the X-GAMES, or the progressively edged “big money” contest like Street League. Within the global scene, Japan has been left behind in terms of scale and prize money without any major championships that attract world-level riders.
The one and only, fun for every skater,
world skateboard competition of Japan,
SKATE ARK, to be held in Kobe!
The autumn of 2017 will see the simultaneous unfolding of FLAT ARK, the definitive BMX Flatland world championship, and the new battle stage that is SKATE ARK.
On the organizing team for the event, is pro skater Ryo Sejiri.
From a young age Ryo has shown his overwhelming strength at domestic contests being the youngest ever to conquer the AJSA (All Japan Skateboard Association) titles, and has undeniable experience on the world stage being the first Japanese to conquer a World Cup, not to mention being invited to the world prestigious Street League.
Inspired by FLAT ARK creator and BMX Flatland world champion Yohei Uchino, Ryo has started SKATE ARK with the hopes in mind of actualizing “a contest where not only kids, but everyone can enjoy entering, even adult riders who have distanced themselves from competition.”
The rules, the judging system, even the park layout are completely original.
With a sizable prize money, it aims at becoming the one and only world skateboard championship of Japan that provides not only a “truly cool” experience that will make world-level riders want to enter, but one that skaters from all parts of the spectrum can enjoy.
A stage where visitors can experience the daily increasing excitement surrounding skateboarding since becoming a part of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, and the pure passion of the skaters, will be born in Kobe this year.
Ryo Sejiri
Born Dec. 11th 1996. From Tokyo. Height: 177cm
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その一方で海外に目を向けると、X-GAMESのような名誉を追い求める大会や、Street Leagueのようなビッグマネーコンテストといった尖った大会が欧米において発展。日本は賞金を含めた規模感でもシーンから取り残されてしまい、世界的なライダーが参戦するようなビッグコンテストは開催されてきませんでした。
SKATE ARK オーガナイザー
瀬尻 稜
SKATE ARKが神戸で開催決定!
2017年秋、BMXフラットランド世界王者決定戦「FLAT ARK」と双璧をなす新たな戦いの舞台「SKATE ARK」の開催が決定しました。
大会オーガナイザーをつとめるのは、プロスケートボーダー 瀬尻稜。
少年時代からAJSA(日本スケートボード協会)などを最年少で制するなど国内コンテストで圧倒的な力を示してきた瀬尻は、日本人として初めてワールドカップを制し、世界最高峰と考えられているStreet Leagueに招聘されるなど世界の舞台を経験してきました。
BMXフラットランド世界チャンピオン 内野洋平が主催してきた「FLAT ARK」に刺激され、「日本に、キッズのみならずコンテストから遠のいてしまった大人のライダーを含めたすべてのスケーターが参加できる大会を作りたい。」という瀬尻の想いを具現化すべく生まれた「SKATE ARK」。
2020年 東京オリンピックの正式種目に決定後、日増しに高まるスケートボードへの期待感を、世界のトップスケーターたちの熱気とともに味わえる舞台が今年、神戸に誕生します。
瀬尻 稜
出身地:東京都 生年月日:1996.12.11 身長:177cm
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